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vehicleHaving a vehicle for many people could become a cherished and pleasant development; and at the same time it could be a source of worry and nightmare if the vehicle is not properly managed. Hence, it become pertinent that one should be made aware of useful tips that will keep his or her vehicle running efficiently for a very long time with little or no hassles. The tips include:

  1. Keep to a service plan: Over time vehicle components and parts wear out or get damaged; it becomes important that vehicles should be serviced as a routine so as to perform at an optimal level. With this you will avoid major and more expensive repairs.
  2. Inspect the warning engine light: The warning light alerts you to an engine problem that is detrimental to fuel economy. When the warning light is ignored it could cause serious engine problem that would cost much to repair.
  3. Wash your vehicle frequently: When this is not done for a very long time, it increases the potential for rust and damage to your vehicle. And dirty windscreen reduces visibility and increases the chances of accidents.
  4. Inspect your wiper: This also has to do with visibility and safety problems, especially in extreme weather condition like heavy rainfall. So, the wiper condition and operation should be checked at interval in order to avoid accidents occasioned by faulty wiper.
  5. Check all fluid levels: These include coolant, brakes, engine oil, transmission, differential and wind shield washer. And if they are required to be topped off do exactly that without wasting time. But always utilize correct fluids. Also, check if there is evidence of leaks and take appropriate action. This is very important because fluids are needed for the operation and protection of vehicle parts and systems. Checking fluid levels regularly and taking appropriate actions as required help extend the life of your vehicle and make it perform optimally.
  6. Check your tyres: It is necessary to check the tyre condition and air pressure. Unequal wear of the tyre could be an indication of the wheel not being properly aligned. Also, underinflated tyres wear out easily leading to the replacement of the tyres. Underinflated tyres also affect safety, performance and fuel mileage negatively.
  7. Inspect the battery: The battery should be checked routinely for corrosion and loose cables.
  8. Check the brakes: The brakes (pads and rotors, brake lines, shoes and drums) should be checked regularly for possible repairs or replacements to ensure dependable operations and safety.
  9. Inspect the exhaust: It is proper to inspect the exhaust in order to ascertain if there are holes and leaks, and loose hangers. Holes in your exhaust create little restriction in the exhaust which allow for more fuel to go into the engine. It also causes back firing. Back firing is as a result of air mixing with the fuel. This reduces the performance of the engine and fuel economy for engines having fuel injection. Furthermore, the existence of holes in your exhaust allows fumes to gradually enter the interior of your vehicle in small quantities. This exposes you to dangers of carbon monoxide inhalation which include vomiting, cold, nausea and flu. This will make you spend extra money in hospital. The fumes from holes in exhaust also cause environmental pollution more than when the exhaust is in proper working condition. Loose hangers should be fixed so that the exhaust does not fall off the road, to avoid more harm.
  • Check the steering and suspension components: The steering and suspension components help us in our navigation of roads. In other words, they enable the driver to direct the vehicle in the direction he intends to go. But a potential danger exists when the steering wheel does not lock. Also, when you finished making a turn and the steering wheel does not automatically return to the centre, it indicates a blockage inside the steering column or a broken gear inside the unit which require immediate attention. Furthermore, the steering wheel may be stiff. It shows that your power steering pump is getting bad, when your steering wheel begins to feel stiff.

… The life of your vehicle depends on you, let your vehicle live long and also help safeguard the environment.

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