20W-50 Super Premium High Performance Engine Oil

 20w-50 super premium high performance engine oil20w-50 super premium high performance engine oil formulated majorly for gasoline engine – spark ignition engines but can also be used for diesel engines – multi fleet oil. 20w-50 is formulated to operate at very high and low temperatures. It is multi-graded, and has a cranking temperature of -20 degree centigrade and a pump ability temperature of -25 degree centigrade. It has high viscosity both at 40 degrees centigrade and at 100 centigrade, high viscosity index, this is what describes the rate at which the viscosity of an oil changes with temperature. If VI is high, the rate is low. But if VI is low, the rate will be high – inverse proportion. The additive called viscosity index modifier (polymer) incorporated into the blend is what is responsible for this function, As it works at very low temperature, it also works at very high temperature. At maximum engine operating temperature, 20w-50 is able to operate at high viscosity to maintain hydrodynamics lubrication. It has a high TBN which enables it to circumvent the oxidation reaction chain mechanism. 20w-50 is a power oil that works at all seasons.


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