Speech Guide Oral English for Schools and Colleges

Oral EnglishIntroducing Speech Guide Oral English for Schools and Colleges!

In speech, it is imperative to pronounce words correctly for proper comprehension. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case in Nigeria where English Language is adopted as a lingua franca. Consequently, words are distorted mostly due to consistency in the use of letters of alphabet during speech rather than the use of sounds of the letters. This has led to poor pronunciation of words. Also, accompanying this are wrong application of word stress, incorrect intonation, and general lack of understanding in communication. The ugly scenario bedeviling Spoken English in the country affects both students and teachers of the course.

Speech Guide Oral English for Schools and Colleges is therefore designed to provide teaching materials for the students, the teachers, and individuals, to enhance their reading culture and speaking skills. And it will enable the students get acquainted with vowel and consonant sounds, word stress and intonations, rhymes, and phonetic symbols. It is therefore useful for students in secondary schools, and tertiary institutions of learning.

It is also packaged with phonetic transcription of some words, exercises at the end of each chapter, revision questions and answers chapter which is modeled to meet WAEC SSCE/NECO SSCE and other allied examinations standards, and more. These are tailored towards preparing the students and learners for the task ahead, especially in passing their Oral English examination with distinction.

You would be amazed at your improvement having read and assimilated the contents of this book. We encourage you to read on, and imbibe the culture of speaking right through frequent practice. And do not forget to recommend it to your friends and colleagues, if it has been useful to you.

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