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Ardezcent Resources International is a company incorporated in Nigeria to render value oriented services to its teeming clients, ranging from individuals to corporate organisations. Formally operating under Aldon Nigeria, which commenced its operations in 1998, the idea to float the company was born out of passion for proffering business solutions in our immediate environment, or community. We began fully in 2014 by providing service on communication, which centered on speech communication.

Information is not conveyed if the recipient does not comprehend the speaker’s message due to defects in pronunciation, stress patterns, and intonation, etc. In Nigeria where English Language is a second language, speech communication is fraught with these challenges. Consequently we endeavored to bring our expertise to bear, in order to correct these anomalies for more effective communication. We believe that with this, speakers of the language would communicate with world class accent devoid of distortions and misunderstandings associated with Spoken English. We offer this solution to individuals and institutions to help them in daily usage of Spoken Communication, which is paramount in their business and economic activities at both local and international levels. Basically, this is done with the conviction that it will make our clients break frontiers orchestrated by oral communication in their daily lives, hence the slogan “…perfecting your accent for your ascent.”

This has further led us into publication of books in Spoken English, and we have quite a number of these books in our collection.

As we progressed it became imperative that we diversify our business operation to include other aspects of services, to accommodate the needs and aspirations of our teeming prospects and clients.

With this development the company which began as a small entity providing speech communication service was re-positioned, and gradually grown to further incorporate such services as data or digital communications, marketing and brokerage services, retail and wholesale solutions, delivery service, etc.

Ardezcent Resources International has grown to a market-focused business organisation, that renders highly innovative products and services.

We are geared towards claiming a good quota of the market-share in product and service industry in Nigeria; and also we are devoted to spreading our tentacles globally.

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